International, Swedish, Danish & Finnish Champion
Junior World Winner-2011, Swedish Winner -2011 & 2013
BOB Winner at the WDS 2011 in Paris
BEST IN SHOW at The Swedish sighthound club and The Swedish Whippet club.
Group winner RCC winner

Adagio Move Your Mind "Babsan"

Born 2nd of March 2010.
Owner Adagio, Babsan is the mother of litter 25 LINK

Babsan with her cups from the WDS 2011 The cups from CFW Le Club Francais du Whippet.


babsan sw 2013
Babsan's diploma from the Swedish kennel club that certifies that she is Swedish Winner 2013

DSC 8058 bjorne babsan b
20131208 SKK Int Stockholm judge Richard Meen (Kishniga), Canada
CACIB, Swedish winner 2013 & BOS, BOB & Group-2  to litter brother Ch Adagio Crowdstopper,
Swedish junior winner 2013 CAC & second best male to half brother Adagio Olive Drab,
second best bitch & BOB veteran to Ch Adagio She's The One, fourth best bitch and Swedish junior winner to half sister
Adagio Outer Space Black, Babsan also participated in Adagio's BOB winning breeders group & in her mother
Ch Adagio Captured Sunshine progeny group who was second in the finals (What a day)


20131102 SKK Int Växjö Judge Charlotte Höjer, Denmark
CACIB & BOS, CACIB & BOB to Ch Adagio Crowdstopper

babs gr2 svall 2013
Picture from the group by ©Rebecka Åhmnan with mobile camera

2web 700
Babsan with a smiling owner!

skk svall 13 fb
20131012 SKK Int Sundsvall, judge Nina Karlsdotter (judge for the dogs Frank Christiansen, Norway)
Group judge Tuula Savolainen, Finland
CACIB, BOB & Group-2, to the right BOS
Vassåsens Majestix

DSC 7137
Babsan placed as No 4 in a very strong sighthound group.

 NFA2291 w

DSC 7054
20131006 SvVk Enköping, Jackie Bourdin,(du Manoir de la Grenouillere), France.
BIS-judge Harto Stockmari, Finland
BOB & BIS-4, to the right BOS
Twyborn Ice Storm


babsan table koping 13
Babsan inspected at the table by BIS judge Tim Finney.

bob kping w
20130317 SvVk Köping, judge Gino Decruy (Jineau) Belgium.
BOB & BIS-2, BIS judge Tim Finney, Ireland. BOS to "Mixer"
Burnt Sienna Pikes Peak

babs int ch w
International Champion confirmation from FCI

201211 Växjö  Int show, judge Rajic Branislav,  Slovenia. Group judge Barbara Ruth-Smith (I'm Blueskies)
CACIB, BOB & Group-2

bis vilsta 2012
20121027 Vingåker SW judge Anna Tapper (Tappinski's)
BEST IN SHOW. To the right BOS "Latte Ch Mac Bells Citizen Kane

Ecke-hres-106 600
Picture from BIS,  judge Kresten Scheel. Photo by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

babs eckero 600
From the group, judge Kresten Scheel Photo by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

aland bob w

20120930 Eckerå/Åland/ Finland FKK Int, judge Dubravka Reicher, Croatia, Group and BIS judge
Kresten Scheel, Denmark
CAC Finnish Champion, CACIB International Champion, BOB, Group-1 & BIS-3

to the left CAC Finnish Champion, CACIB & BOS Ch Airescot Melody Milord

DSC 1424 - version 2 w
Babsan in the group and placed as No 3, judge Marit Sunde, Norway.

DSC 1051 - version 2 w

babs table sofiero
201209 Sofiero/Helsingborg Int show, judge Marie Gadolin (Hounds)
CACIB, BOB and Group-3, to the right BOS and new Swedish Champion Albicans Online

bob bos
201208 SKK Backamo/Ljungskile, judge Benny Blid von Schedvin, group judge Åge Gjetnes, Norway
BOB & Group-1, BOS to "Mio" Rhetsgis Fats Domino

201208 SKK Int Askersund, judge, Geoffrey Kill, Australia

bob svenstavik skk 12
201208 SKK Int Svenstavik, judge Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway, group judge Jarmo Vourinen (Sheick's)
CACIB, BOB & Group -1.
To the right BOS Nor-Castle's Severus Snape.

DSC 0193
201208 SvVk Svenstavik, judge Jarmo Vourinen (Sheick's) Finland,
BIS judge Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway
to the left BOS Ch Twyborn Big Ben

DSC 8633 - version 2
201207 SvVk Tammsvik " Skokloster Summer Show", judge Ann Snelgrove (Huntinghill) GB
First in Champion class and Best bitch No 2,
BOB & BIS to "Sookie" Ch Rivarco Tinuviel & BOS to
"Mio" Rhetsgis Fats Domino


DSC 8672

DSC 8550
201207 SW national, judge Bo Bengtson (Bohem) USA
Second in Champion class and Best bitch No 3

tvaaker 12 gr10w
From the group in the rain!

w DSC 0504 whippet
Photo & ©Jessica Snäcka - from the group judging

w DSC 0506 whippet
Photo & ©Jessica Snäcka - from the group judging

tvaaker 2012
From the left New Champion at the day Airescot Melody Milord in the middle judge Moa Persson
and to the right BOB Babsan

201207 SKK Int Tvååker, judge Moa Persson (breed) Diane Anderson (group) USA
CACIB, BOB & Group-2

bis sw boras ls 2 2012

bis sw boras ls2012
To the left BOS Ch Twyborn Big Ben, in the middle Lori Wilson and to the right BIS Babsan
201206 Swedish Whippet Club Borås, judge Lori Wilson, (Windborn)  USA

201206 Border Union Championship show in Kelso, judge Vivian Culter,(Coolooney) N. Ireland

DSC 0963 w
201205 SKK Hässleholm, judges Gunnar Nymann, DK (breed) Åke Cronander (Albicans) (group)
Lilliane Ridder-Onghena, BE, Bis judge
BOB, Group -1 & BEST IN SHOW -4,
BOS to Sobers Morrison (both grandsired by Robbie)

 Adagio Move Your Mind 1 small
201205 Dortmund International show, Judge Eva Yacoby (Cobyco) GB
R-VDH (counts for one) "Bjorne" won CAC, CACIB, VDH- Europasieger, BOB and Best in group.
Babsan pictured the day before by Karla Schwede

babsan big 2 lid 2012
Babsan was escorted by Morgan Slätt to her second place in the group.

babsan bob lid 2012
Babsan winning BOB under judge Lilliane De Ridder-Onghena, to the right new champion for the
day and BOS Ch Per-Mo'bile Topflighter Uno.

babsan bob lid 2012 a
201205 SKK Lidköping judge Lilliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium
group judge Marja Talvitie, Finland
BOB & Group-2

babsan fadde vras 2012jpg
201204 SKK Nat Västerås, judge Karin Hedberg (Kashmanis)
CAC, BOB new Swedish and Danish Champion
BOS to Adagio Fade to Grey

babs fred 2012
201202 DKK Int/ Fredericia/Denmark, judge Dr. Göran Bodegård, Sweden,
group judge Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark
CAC, CACIB, BOB & Group-3

©Kristy Bello Babsan on the move in the final ring in group 10 there she was placed as second in
a strong sighthound group by judge Dan Ericson.

 JFM1427w 600
201201 SKK Int My Dog/ Gothenburg, judge Frank Kane, England, Group judge Dan Ericson.
CAC, CACIB, BOB & Group-2

bob vaxsjo 2011 w
201111 SKK Int Växjö, judge Rudi Peters Brandt (Frontrunners) Denmark
CAC, CACIB & BOB (to the right Anna-Karin with BOS Per-Mo'bile Topflighter Uno)


BIS Vingaker w
Babsan finishing the day with going BEST IN SHOW in the middle judge Henrik Härling &
to the right BOS Ch Twyborn Big Ben.

babsan bjorne ungh
From the left Babsan BIS- intermidiate in the middle judge Henrik Herling to the right BOS Bjorne.
Thank you To both handlers.

DSC 6050 1 w
Best bitch competitieon 1. Babsan, 2. Twyborn Ann Cousine R-CAC, 3.Lawtons Lay All Your Love On Me &
4. Ch Twyborn Grey Gardens.

201110 SW Vingåker, judge Henrik Härling (Play A While)
CAC, BOB/BEST IN SHOW & BIS Intermediate, Ch Adagio She's The One BOB & BIS-veteran,
Adagio Crowdstopper CAC

Babsan ended the show day with going BEST IN SHOW judged by Ingela Kyrklund.

BIS intermediate
judge Henrik Härling (Play A While)

To the left Babsan in the middle the judge Ingela Kyrklund to the right BOS Ch Twyborn Big Ben
201109 SvVk Laröd/Helsingborg judge Ingela Kyrklund (Colt's)
Intermediate, Ch Adagio She's The One BOB & BIS-veteran

Babsan placed as No 3 in the sighthound group.

Babsan moving in the final ring.

201108 Norrköping SKK Int. Swedish Winner Show judge Dan Ericsson. Group judge Eugene Blake, USA
CAC, CACIB, SweW-2011, BOB & Group-3.
BOS, CAC, CACIB SweW-2011 to litter brother
"Bjorne" Adagio Crowdstopper

Marie - thank you for the pic.
201108 Akersund SKK judge Björg Foss (Xploring), Norway. Group judge Barbara Ruth Smith (IM Blueskies)
CAC & BOS. BOB and group-1 to litter brother "Bjorne" Adagio Crowdstopper

Picture from the group - thank You Inger for the picture.

201107 Köping SKK Int judge Tuula Plathan, Finland. Group judge Gabrie Valdez Valdez, Colombia
CAC, CACIB, BOB & Group-3 (Also in the picture BOS Ch Sobers Ivory)

20110709 Schloss Eicks/Germany WCD Judges Kirsten Landsverk (Xploring) Norway, (dogs)
Linda Jones (Welstar) GB (btches)
VDH & RCAC (Will become a CAC)

20110708 Paris FCI WDS Judges ; M Yves-Emmanuel Vilanova (des Coursiers de Shanghaï) (bitches)
M Christophe Coppel (Dixmoore) (dogs) (BOB)
BOB- Junior JWW-2011 and Best of Breed total

Babsan to the left winning BOB under Bart Sheerens (Boxing Helena's) and to the right her cusin
"Latte" Ch Mac Bells Citizen Kane winning BOS

Babsan inspected at the table in the BIS final by the judge Nenne Runsten (Airescot)
20110327 Strängnäs, SvVk, judges Åke Cronander (Albicans) junior class & Bart Sheerens (Boxing Helena's)
Belgium, adults & BOB. Wim Wiersma (of Summer's Joy), The Netherlands judged BIS junior and finally
Nennes Runsten (Airescot) judged Best in Show
CAC, BOB, BIS-2 junior & BIS-2
among the adults

20101226 Kvänum SKKK judge Åsa Johansson
BOB & Group second
, BOS to litter brother "Bjorne" Adagio Crowdstopper


201010 Vingåker SW, (special) judge Inger Carlsson (Klenod's)
BIS puppy 6-9 months
. To the right BOS puppy Play A While The Hours.

201007 Vilsta/Eskilstuna Swedish National, judge Lynn Yacoby-Wright  (Cobyco) UK
Best In Show 4-6 months (BOS to litterbrother Bjorne).

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