CAC winner in Norway, Sweden and Latvia
CACIB winner, LC CAC winner

Adagio Dawn to Dark "Shania"

Finnish junior winner 2015

Born 5th of July 2014
Owners Mona Riberg, Randi Juliussen (Willwhip’s) and Steinar Elnes, Norway


IMG 4575w
Shania LC pracising in May 2017 ©Siv Berit Ingstad

20170319Latvia hotel700
Shania to the left having a relax after a sucessful day at the hotel in Riga, Latvia.

shania sand

shania lake
Shania pictured having fun by the lake 2016

shania headb

shania wall

stromsholm2016 b


150716 4PerLundstrom c
Shania with her litter brother "Milam" A. Shimmering Blue in July 2016.

per 4
Shania pictured in the end of July 2016 by ©Per Afzelius

bos interm Pauline
Shania winning BOS intermediate under judge Pauline Oliver (Spyandflye), England.
BIS intermediate to litter brother Milan A. Shimmering Blue

shania pretty

shania sunset
Shania at a walk in the sunset. ©Steinar Elsnes

kristi engstad shania b
Shania pictured in April 2016 ©Kristi Engstad

Shania pictured in April 2016

shania june 2015
Eleven months old in June 2015

shania 7mc
Seven and a half moths in February 2015

shania 7md

shania 7mrun

Original Shania 7 m a

shania play milan 7m

shania 7mb
Seven and a half moths in February 2015

shania 01 15

shania snowjump 01 15

shania mila 01 15

shaniaindeepsnow 01 15
Shania pictured January 2015

mila shania firstshow 700
Milan and Shania at their very first show


shania 4 5months
Four and a half months old in the end of November 2014

shania 4 months
Four months old in November 2014

shania winter jacket
Shania testing her winter jacket at the age of four months in the beginning of November 2014

shanio 700 nov 14 2

shanio 700 nov 14
Pictured in November 2014

shania 14 10 31
16 weeks old in the end of October 2014

shania 15w
15 weeks old in the middle of October 2014

shania 12wbr
Twelve weeks in the end of Septemper 2014

shania 10w
Ten weeks in the middle of Septemper 2014

shania 9w garden
In the garden 9th of September 2014

shania 9 w run
Nine weeks old in her new homeland Norway.

shania 9 w
Nine weeks old in the beginning of Septemper 2014

DSC 2896
Eight and a half weeks old in the beginning of Septemper 2014

girl 1 7w
Six weeks in the middle of August 2014

girl 1 DSC 2811
Five weeks

girl one DSC 2565
Four weeks

girl one b DSC 2454

girl one DSC 2456
Three weeks

DSC 2410 girl 1

DSC 2410 girl 1 b
Two weeks

DSC 2331 girl 1
One week

girl  one DSC 2154

girl  one DSC 2155
One day


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