Adagio Pictorial Carmine "Ester" "Girl Two"

Born 24th of September 2012
Owner Linda Johannesson, Sweden


pictorlial lc
Ester pictured the day she got her LC licens 26/08/2017.

Ester at a LC practice, she was doing so well! @Christian Magnusson

DSC 7940 ester
Ester pictured in December 2013.

 DSC3950 w

 DSC4098 w
Seven weeks

DSC 2605 DSC 2602
DSC 2597

DSC 2593
Six weeks

DSC 2216 DSC 2213
DSC 2204

DSC 2205
Five weeks

DSC 1929 DSC 1931
DSC 1923

DSC 1917
Four weeks

DSC 1683

DSC 1677
Three weeks old!

DSC 1437
Two weeks old

DSC 1418
One week old

DSC 1348 w
Two days old

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