Terrie's third litter seven weeks old
in the middle of November 2012.

All pictures kindly by photo©Jessica Bolander

 DSC3654 w

 DSC3664 w

 DSC3667 w

 DSC3671 w

 DSC3702 w

 DSC3703 w

 DSC3707 w

 DSC3713 w

 DSC3715 w

 DSC3718 w

 DSC3735 w

 DSC3755 w

 DSC3765 w

 DSC3770 w

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 DSC3808 w

 DSC3833 w

 DSC3842 w

 DSC3844 w

 DSC3861 w

 DSC3871 w

 DSC3873 w

 DSC3876 w

 DSC3883 w

 DSC3887 w

 DSC3904 w

 DSC3905 w

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 DSC3925 w

 DSC3934 w

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Time to go back to the car




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