International, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, Hungarian Champion and Swedish Game (blood/feild) Tracking Champion

Adagio Olive Drab "Spader"

Swedish junior winner 2013, Tallin winner 2016
BOB winner, Group placed at special level

Born 24th of September 2012
Owner Camilla Johansson, Sweden, Sweden


spader stro 2017 700
Spader pictured at Strömsholm/ "Skokloster summer show" 2017, Spader got placed first in a very strong champion
class and ended up as No 2 in the best dog competition, judged by Emma North-Row (Barmaud) Ireland.  ©Per Afzelius

Spader crufts 2017

Spader crufts 201b7
Spader pictured at Crufts 2017 by ©Per Afzelius

Spader pictured in Gothenburg 2017 by ©Per Afzelius

IMG 6019

IMG 6020

IMG 6064
The abowe three pictures of Spader ©Following Paws/Lisa Menke


Spader pictured in Dortmund October 2015 by ©Nathalie Jaklewicz

spader hun
Spader pictured in Budapest Spring 2015

spader carmen2014vannas
Spader pictured togheter with his "double cusin" "Diva" Carry On Carmen
in June 2014 by ©Nina Linnatie

spader by bitte copy
Pictured at 22 months of age in July 2014 winning his sixth CAC  ©Bitte Östlund

nina spaderlc

spader kapp
Spader pictured in March 2014

DSC 8228 DSC 8235
DSC 8215
Pictured at 14 months of age in December 2013 by ©Morgan Slätt

193web 185web
Pictured at twelv months of age in October 2013 by ©Nina Linnatie

Spader and Camilla pictured in October 2013

spader vilt
Spader also showed that he is a clever dog at bloodtracking in the field, picture from 18th of October 13

IMG 3166
Spader doing some lure coursing practice in July 2013

DSC 1078

DSC 1084
Spader pictured at the age of nine months by©Yvonne Mukkavaara

spader by ewa
Ewa pictured Spader  6th of July 2013

IMG 1834.CR2
Spader doing some practice at the LC-field

Spader-o1internet Spader-o2internet
Pictured at nearly six months of age by ©Jenny Ljungberg

"Spader" playing with his best mate "Ruter" Ch Swaara Grains of Sand






P1110495 wP1110492
Above pictures at the age of 14 weeks

DSC 3040 DSC 3037
DSC 3032

DSC 3025
Eight weeks

 DSC3986 w

 DSC4075 w
Seven weeks

DSC 2565 DSC 2560
DSC 2552

DSC 2548
Six weeks

DSC 2114 DSC 2112
DSC 2109

DSC 2107
Five weeks

DSC 1820 DSC 1823
DSC 1812

DSC 1806
Four weeks

DSC 1592

DSC 1594
Three weeks old.

DSC 1430
Two weeks old

DSC 1398
One week old

DSC 1341 w
Two days old

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