Adagio Saddle Brown "Ennis" "Boy Two"

Born 24th of September 2012
Owner Therese Käll, Sweden

ennis caravan
Ennis first time in the caravan and he enjoys it very much.

 DSC3979 w

 DSC4053 w
Seven weeks

DSC 2472 DSC 2475
DSC 2465

DSC 2463
Six weeks

DSC 2103 DSC 2102
DSC 2098

DSC 2091
Five weeks

DSC 1800 DSC 1802
DSC 1793

DSC 1791
Four weeks

DSC 1579

DSC 1583
Three weeks old!

DSC 1429
Two weeks

DSC 1392
One week old

DSC 1338
Two days old

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