CAC winner

Adagio Easter Parade "Vincent"

Born 12th of April 2017
Owner Lena Magnusson Hellberg, Sweden



Dam Ch Adagio Orchard Plum
LINK bock
Born 04 October 2020
Adagio Autumn Stone (D) LINK bock
Adagio Curling Bark (D) LINK bock
Adagio Foggy Day (D) LINK bock
Adagio Oak Leaf (D) LINK bock
Adagio Raw Amber (D) LINK bock
Adagio Woven Blue (D) LINK bock
Adagio Eternal Violet (B) LINK bock
Adagio Shetland Lace (B) LINK bock

Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Champion

Siprex Storm

Born 1st of March 2016
Breeder Berit Lena Grøtterud, Norway
Owner Eleonor Andrén Hansson, Sweden


siprex storm ch
Picture from 2017. ©Eleonor Andren Hansson

IMG 7177

Marbleize Supreme Marblequeen "Robyn"

Born 8th of November 2006.
Breeder Monica Timm, Norway.
Owner Silja Akselsen, kennel Bluefrost, Norway.

IMG 0182
©Randie Juliussen


blue frost afrodite
Ch Bluefrost Afrodite

Norwegian Champion

Librium's Remarkable Rose "Ruby"

Born 11th of July 2014
Breeder and owner Gerd Rossland, co owners Cecilie and Knut Blutecher (Showline) , Norway


Sire Adagio Red Fall Affair bock
Breeder Gerd Rössland, Norway, born 20180205
Librium's Generous Gardner (D) bock
Librium's Golden Celebration (D) bock
Librium's Noble Antony (D) bock
Librium's Shropshire Lad (D) bock
Librium's The Prince (D) bock
Librium's The Squire (D) bock
Librium's Alexandra Rose (B) bock
Librium's Alnwick Rose (B) bock
Librium's Bourbon Rose (B) bock
Librium's Cottage Rose(B) bock
Libriu\'s Mary Rose (B) bock


Fiefoerniek's Verboden Vrucht "Molly"

Born 10th of April 2009
Breeders Lucien & Sandra Sahuleka - vd Graaf, The Netherlands
Owner Hanmin Lee, South Korea


Pedigree will follow

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