Khabaray Single Malt at Dumbriton "Shaun"

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Born 5th of April 1998.
Breeder Heather Worral, England
Owners Patsy Gilmoure & Sue Ross, England.

Fawnbree Special Brew at Dumbriton

Pencloe Dutch Escort of Hillsdown

Pencloe Dutch Gold

Hillsdown Blacque Magique

Fast Flo of Hillsdown
Birkonbrae Beauson of Hillsdown
Hillsdown Josephine
Hillsdown Aisling Khabaray

Hillsdown Fergal

Birkonbrae Coeur de Lyon

Siobhan of Hillsdown
Hollyberry at Akonyte

Oakbark Middleman

Siobhan of Hillsdown
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