International, Swedish, Danish & Norwegian Champion
Swedish Winner 2005

Adagio No Regrets "Täppas"

BIS Winner The Swedish Whippet Club, The Swedish Sighthound Club, The Swedish Kennel Club
Top dog #6 2004, Top dog #5 2005, Top dog #2 2006, Top dog # 1 2007
Lure coursing-Licens

Born 1st of September 2002.
Owner Maria Jönsson-Jansson.

Red marked = champion / Blue marked = CC and/or speciality winner

bockmeans photo available 


Dam Ch Carry On Ebony LINK  
Breeder Ewa Westerlund, born 20041007
Carry On Burton (D) LINK  
Carry On Russell (D) LINK  
Carry On Van Dutch (D) LINK bock
Carry On Adidas (B) LINK  
Carry On Nike (B) LINK  
Carry On Peak (B) LINK  
Carry On Puma (B) LINK  


Dam Ch Siprex Tuva LINK bock
Breeder Anita Eng, Norway, born 20070303
Catskills Ballroom Blitz (D) LINK bock
Catskills Ballymore (B) LINK bock


Dam The Rattigan's Bright Eyes LINK bock
Breeder Birgitta Eriksson, born 20080104
Catch Ups At The Zoo (D) LINK bock
Catch Ups Dancing Wild (D) LINK  
Catch Ups Slip Sliding Away (D) LINK  
Catch Ups The Boxer (D) LINK bock
Catch Ups Sail On Silver Girl (B) LINK bock


Dam Delaklin's Pricilla Presley LINK bock
Breeder Marianne Ekwall, born 20080331
Delaklin's Shining Spike (D) LINK bock
Delaklin's Sundance Kid (D) LINK bock
Delaklin's Sunshine In The Rain (D) LINK bock
Delaklin's Someone Special (B) LINK bock
Delaklin's So Nice (B) LINK bock


Dam Con-Brio's Pastella
Br G & T Myrlund  & G-B &  E-O Eide, b 20080915
Con-Brio's Regal (D) LINK  
Con-Brio's Regent (D) LINK  
Con-Brio's Rembrant (D) LINK  
Con-Brio's Remington (D) LINK  
Con-Brio's Real Princess (B) LINK  
Con-Brio's Red Rose (B) LINK  

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