International Champion, Great Britain Champion, Swedish, Danish &
Norweigian Champion, German (VDH) Champion, German (WCD) Champion
Swedish Winner-2011, 2013 and 2015, Whippet Club Deutschland Sieger 2011
VDH Europasieger 2012,

Adagio Crowdstopper "Bjorne"

Top Whippet Sweden 2011
10 x CACIB, Sweden, Denmark & Germany under ten different judges.
Winner in total of the group ten times under ten different judges.
BIS at special level & BIS at special, sighthound and Kennel Club level.
Group winner in Germany, VDH-Europasieger show 2012
Group winner at City of Birmingham/England 2012
Group -2 The Scottish Kennel Club 2013
Best in Hound group and R-Best in Show at Bath Ch Ship show 2013
The Scottish Kennel Club and Bath 2013
3 RCC's at: Manchester, Crufts 2013 and Kelso 2013

Born 2nd of March 2010.
Owner Adagio


lexi b WIN 2417
Some puppies by Bjorne out of "Lexi" Burnt Sienna Sweet Emotion


Red marked = champion / Blue marked = CC and/or speciality winner

bockmeans photo available

Dam Ch Rivarco Arwen
LINK bock

Breeder Gaetano Turrino, Italy, born 20111111

Rivarco Conte of Florence (D) LINK bock
Rivarco Cosmopolitan (D) LINK bock
Rivarco Candy Tuft  (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Carnival Samba (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Celebrian (B) LINK bock
Rivarco Cloud Nine for Adagio (B) LINK bock


Dam Ch Burnt Sienna Sweet Emotion
LINK bock
Breeder Lisa Winder, born 20120119
Burnt Sienna Champagne Lounge  (D) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Club Mystic AfterHours (D) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Club Royale (D) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Dragon Room (D) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Griffin Lounge (D) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Enigma Lounge (B) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Infinity Room (B) LINK bock
Burnt Sienna Red Velvet Lounge (B) LINK bock



Dam Ch Play A While Lady Orlando
LINK bock
Breeder M. Lindström & H. Härling b. 20120718
Play A While Bang (B) LINK  bock
Play A While Indira Gandhi  (B) LINK  bock
Play A While Madeleine Albright (B) LINK  bock
Play A While Rosa Luxemburg (B) LINK  bock
Play A While Simone De Beavoir  (B) LINK  bock



Dam Ch Edengrove Fair Dinkum LINK bock
Breeder Fam Oliphant, UK  born 20121023
Edengrove Bjorn Borg (D) LINK bock
Edengrove Crowd Pleaser (D) LINK bock
Edengrove Stop the Crowd (D) LINK bock
Edengrove Greta Garbo (B) LINK bock


Dam Cobyco Shabby Chic
LINK bock
Breeder Ann Birds,  UK born 20121128
Sakota Superhero (D) LINK bock
Sakota Superstorm (D) LINK bock 
Sakota Absolutely Super (B) LINK bock
Sakota Super Funky (B) LINK bock 
Sakota Supermodel at Silkridge (B) LINK bock
Sakota Super Sensational (B) LINK bock


Dam Mossbanhill Turn Up the Sun LINK bock
Breeders Pamela & Ryan Hunter, UK. born 20130214
Mossbawnhill No Regrets (D) LINK bock
Mossbawnhill Play The Crowd (D) LINK bock
Mossbawnhill Still Reigin (D) LINK bock
Mossbawnhill Crowd Appeal  (B) LINK bock
Mossbawnhill Hot Fuss (B) LINK bock
Mossbawnhill Show Stopper (B) LINK bock
Mossbawnhill Were U Watchin  (B) LINK bock


Dam Ch Courthill Carmen Cleeve at Ranveli LINK bock
Breeder Rob Wheeler, Derby, UK born 20130220
Ranveli Swede As a Nut (D) LINK bock
Ranveli Swede & Sour (D) LINK  
Ranveli Swede as Honey (B) LINK bock
Ranveli Swede Dreams at Elequal (B) LINK bock
Ranveli Swede Heart (B) LINK bock


Dam Dainty Dollie at Jothryn
LINK bock
Breeder Kathryn Jones, England born 20130331
Jothryn Bjorne For Paris (D) LINK bock
Jothryn Bjorne To Love (D) LINK bock
Jothryn Bjorne To Win (D) LINK bock
Jothryn Bjorne Again (B) LINK bock
Jothryn Bjorne Free (B) LINK bock
Jothryn Bjorne To Party with Bunehug (B) LINK bock
Jothryn Bjorne To Be Wild (B) LINK bock


Dam  Ch Crème Anglaise's Hello Look At Me LINK bock
Breeders J W & K Akerboom- van der Schaaf, born 20131201
Crème Anglaise's Adagissimo (D) LINK bock
Crème Anglaise's Allegro Con Brio (D) LINK bock
Crème Anglaise's A Cappella (B) LINK bock
Crème Anglaise's Appassionata (B) LINK bock
Crème Anglaise's Arco Andante (B) LINK bock


Dam Ch Rivarco Tiramisù Per Adagio LINK bock
Breeder Adagio, born 10/04/2014
Adagio Gouache (D) LINK bock
Adagio Sakura (B) LINK bock


Dam Replica's Gåte LINK bock
Breedes Tonje Heimdal & Geir Guldberg, born 12/05/2014
Goldmund av Vilje og Ve (D) LINK bock
Krell av Vilje og Ve (D) LINK bock
Rockport av Vilje og Ve (D) LINK bock
Ayon av Vilje og Ve (B) LINK bock
Lindell av Vilje og Ve (B) LINK bock


Dam Librium's Jazz Lady LINK bock
Breeder Synnøve Moa, Norway. born 24/08/2014
Atilla Nordic's Apollo (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Ares (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Athos (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Aphrodite (B) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Artimis (B) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Athena (B) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Aurora (B) LINK bock


Dam Ch Karadhras Arabeska LINK bock
Breeder Synnove Moa, Norway born 08/09/2015
Atilla Nordic's Cæsar (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Caiser (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Chagall (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Charlie (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Cupido (D) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Catch Me If You Can (B) LINK bock
Atilla Nordic's Creme De La Creme (B) LINK bock


Dam Harropine Eclipse LINK bock
Breeder Lisa Menke, Germany born 01/02/2016
Adore of Following Paws (B) LINK bock
Amaze of Following Paws (B) LINK bock


Dam Skräddaregårdens Stellas Orchide LINK bock
Breeder Anite Widlund born 29/03/2016
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Valentino (D) LINK bock
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Vanillin (D) LINK bock
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Varité (D) LINK bock
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Velodrom (D) LINK bock
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Velour (D) LINK bock
Skräddaregårdens Orchidé Vilja (B) LINK bock


Dam Aaniston Bless Everything Rosie
LINK bock
Breeder Linda Åsenstjerna born 15/04/2018
Daisy May's A Real Cool Driver (D) LINK bock
Daisy May's Agree With Me (D) LINK bock
Daisy May's Aj Love My Owner (D) LINK bock
Daisy May's Asking Judge (D) LINK bock
Daisy May's A Lot Of Candy (B) LINK bock
Daisy May's An Once In A Lifetime (B) LINK bock

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