Burnt Sienna Enigma Lounge "Ritza"

Born 19th of January 2012
Breeder Lisa Winder, Örebro, Sweden
Owners Family Ryberg, Sweden


web midsummer
Ritza started to celebrate midsummer 2013.

Ritza enjoying her "swim" in the sea at the age of 6,5 months in August 2012

ritza 5 m
Five and a half months old.

044 ritza a

044 ritza b
Pictured in the end of April 2012

enigma lounch a rjpg
8 weeks old.

WIN 3643

WIN 3315
Six weeks

Enigma Lounge
Five weeks 

bs enigma lounge

bs enigma lounge a
Two weeks

burnt sienna enigma lounge
Ten days with "sister" Kendra

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