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Swedish Champion

Hubbestad Dutch Diamond

Born 5th of April 1992
Breeder & owner Gerd Flycht-Pedersen (Sweden, England) USA.


Red marked = champion / Blue marked = CC and/or speciality winner

bockmeans photo available


Sire Ch Fennaur Delacroix
LINK  bock
Breeder Gerd Flycht-Pedersen, born 19951127
Hubbestad Lucky Fellow (D) LINK
Hubbestad Sweet William (D) LINK
Hubbestad Red Devil (D) LINK bock
Hubbestad Sparkling Fire (D) LINK
Hubbestad Lily Of The Valley (B) LINK
Hubbestad Silver Lining (B) LINK
Hubbestad Morning Glory (B) LINK

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