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2 x CAC

Thunder's Johnny B Goode "Johnny"

Born 1st of March 1998
Breeders Pär & Solveig, Ek, Sweden
Owner Charlotte Björk, Sweden



Int & Swe & Norw & DK & Fin Ch

Birkonbrae True E'Nuff

Hillsdown Fergal

Birkonbrae Coeur de Lyon

Siobhan of Hillsdown

Birkonbrae Buttons 'N' Bows

Samarkand's Beau Ranger

Nicely Naughty of Birkonbrae
Hubbestad Morning Glory

Fennaur Delacroix

Birkonbrae Sweet Talking Guy

Fennaur Bella Bartok

Hubbestad Dutch Diamond

Pencloe Dutch Gold

Mithrandir Sweet Soprano at Hubbestad
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