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Play A While The Verve "Maggie"

Born 1st of January 1998.
Breeder Henrik Härling, Sweden
First owner Stefan Råghammar (Adagio). Later owner Annica Burman.
Maggie is the mother of Adagio litter #7.

©Åsa Lindholm

Birkonbrae True E'Nuff

Hillsdown Fergal

Birkonbrae Coeur de Lyon

Siobhan of Hillsdown

Birkonbrae Buttons 'N' Bows

Samarkand's Beau Ranger

Nicely Naughty at Birkonbrae

Peperone Piaffe

Hardknott Quadrille

Gainscliffe Renown

Hardknott Marietta

Peperone Papergirl

Charmoll MacTavish

Peperone Plaything
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